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Google Google-PCE : Professional Collaboration Engineer Exam Dumps

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Latest 2023 Updated Google Professional Collaboration Engineer Syllabus
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Exam Number : Google-PCE
Exam Name : Professional Collaboration Engineer
Vendor Name : Google
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Google-PCE Exam Format | Google-PCE Course Contents | Google-PCE Course Outline | Google-PCE Exam Syllabus | Google-PCE Exam Objectives

Test Detail:
The Google Professional Collaboration Engineer exam, also known as Google-PCE, is a certification exam designed to validate the knowledge and skills of professionals in deploying and managing collaboration solutions using Google Workspace. The exam focuses on various aspects of Google Workspace, including Gmail, Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Drive, and other collaboration tools. This description provides an overview of the Google-PCE exam.

Course Outline:
The course for the Google-PCE exam covers a wide range of topics related to Google Workspace and collaboration solutions. The course outline may include the following:

1. Introduction to Google Workspace:
- Overview of Google Workspace and its components
- Understanding the benefits of Google Workspace for collaboration
- Exploring the Google Workspace admin console and management features

2. Implementing Google Workspace Collaboration Solutions:
- Configuring and managing Gmail accounts and settings
- Deploying and managing Google Meet for video conferencing
- Setting up and managing Google Chat for team communication
- Managing Google Drive and file sharing in Google Workspace

3. Advanced Collaboration Solutions:
- Implementing collaboration workflows and processes
- Integrating Google Workspace with other productivity tools and systems
- Managing Google Groups and access controls for team collaboration
- Utilizing advanced features and add-ons in Google Workspace

4. Security and Compliance in Google Workspace:
- Understanding data security and privacy in Google Workspace
- Configuring security settings and access controls
- Implementing compliance and data retention policies
- Managing user identities and authentication in Google Workspace

Exam Objectives:
The Google-PCE exam objectives cover the following areas:

1. Google Workspace Collaboration Solutions
2. Google Workspace Administration and Management
3. Advanced Collaboration Workflows and Integration
4. Security and Compliance in Google Workspace

Exam Syllabus:
The exam syllabus for the Google-PCE exam includes specific topics within each of the exam objectives mentioned above. It may cover areas such as:

- Configuring Gmail settings and managing email accounts
- Setting up and managing Google Meet for video conferencing and collaboration
- Implementing Google Chat for team communication and collaboration
- Managing Google Drive, including sharing and collaboration features
- Configuring advanced collaboration workflows using Google Workspace tools
- Integrating Google Workspace with third-party applications and systems
- Implementing security measures and access controls in Google Workspace
- Ensuring compliance with data security and privacy regulations in Google Workspace

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Google Collaboration Exam Questions


Google And Cisco Partner To Drive Collaboration Forward

One of Google's new dedicated pieces of videoconferencing hardware that interoperates directly with ... [+] Cisco's Webex platform is the Series One Desk 27.


As the demands and realities of hybrid work start to become more apparent, companies are beginning to face new issues. In particular, there’s growing recognition of the many challenges that organizations are going to face as they begin to integrate more combinations of in-house and remote workers. In short, things were much easier when virtually everyone was remote, but they’re about to get a lot harder.

A big part of the problem has to do with the existing installed base of videoconferencing equipment that companies have within their meeting and conference rooms. The vast majority of the equipment is dedicated and will only work with a single collaboration software package—in many cases, it’s for the quickly disappearing Skype platform.

Recognizing this challenge, Cisco and Google have come together in a major new partnership to offer interoperability for their respective conference room hardware and collaboration software tools. Specifically, as of Q4, you’ll be able to seamlessly join Cisco’s Webex meetings directly from Google Meet hardware (including some intriguing new options that were just introduced today). Conversely, you be able to join Google Meet meetings from Cisco’s line of Webex hardware.

On the one hand, it’s easy to argue that this type of collaboration for the sake of collaboration was absolutely essential, because using multiple videoconferencing tools has become the accepted norm. As the two companies pointed out in a pre-briefing on the announcement, even organizations that have picked one or the other as their corporate standard will almost certainly run into situations where customers and/or partners will be using a different platform. Having room-based hardware that only supports a single platform, therefore, is quickly becoming an untenable option.

The new interoperability announcement between CIsco and Google means that Cisco hardware devices ... [+] like the Webex DeskPro device will soon be able to connect directly to Google Meet meetings.


Still, it is impressive to see Google and Cisco overcome not only the technical hurdles necessary to make their systems interoperate, but the competitive challenges that these types of co-opetition arrangements inevitably raise. Of course, what we really need is hardware that can also integrate with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, but this is a very important first step towards cross-platform interoperability that I’m sure (or, at least, strongly hope!) will be replicated many times over in the coming months.

What’s particularly noteworthy about this announcement is that the companies moved well beyond simple sharing of audio and video streams. Cisco and Google worked to incorporate many critical hardware-based capabilities, including things like automatically muting of extraneous audio, blurring backgrounds, leveraging automatic camera zooming tools to the current speaker, and much more. Even more interestingly, on the software side, they thought through details like overlaying Webex-style controls during Google Meet meetings if you join from a Cisco device and vice versa if you join from a Google hardware device into a Webex meeting. They’ve also made the ability to join meetings with a single touch work seamlessly across either platform. While these details may seem somewhat subtle, they reflect how the companies want to leverage the comfort that their existing users have with their method of operation, while still offering the ability to connect to other platforms. In my mind, that’s a very nice touch.

On top of that, the companies were also able to integrate some of the native capabilities of one platform into another. For example, the voice-based assistants that each platform offers natively, such as Webex Voice Assistant and Hey Google, can be used while connecting to meetings on the other platform. To be sure, there’s more work to be done, especially in areas like leveraging add-on whiteboarding and other collaboration software tools that extend the capabilities of these platforms. Still, it’s clear that the two companies are dedicated to addressing issues over time.

Another interesting implication of this collaboration has to do with the overall philosophy and approach that will be needed to guarantee interoperability in the future. For a while, many in the industry have discussed the need to coordinate or federate communications across platforms at the server or cloud level. With this announcement, however, the focus is shifting towards an endpoint-based solution that can interoperate with existing server and cloud-based tools. How this ultimately works out remains to be seen, but it certainly does appear to be a significant step in a new direction.

As mentioned earlier, alongside this announcement, Google also debuted some new Google Meet hardware devices. The Google Series One Desk 27 is Google’s standalone hardware solution, incorporating a 27” high-resolution QVGA (2,560 x 1,440) touch-capable display, along with a 2,560 x 1,920 resolution webcam with a 100° field of view, built-in soundbar and adjustable stand. Priced at $1,999, the Desk 27 also features multiple USB-C ports, allowing it to also be utilized as a second monitor for a laptop or other PC. The company’s new integrated display room solution is the $6,999 Series One Board 65, which incorporates a 4K resolution 65” touch-capable display, a 4K, 12 MegaPixel camera, a stereo sound bar and similar USB-C connectivity. Both devices come with styli for easier whiteboarding support with the integrated JamBoard software, and include autoframing of the video, voice-based operation with Hey Google, and automatic noise removal, among other capabilities. All told, it’s an impressive set of offerings that puts Google on par with some of the best videoconferencing hardware from Cisco and Microsoft.

Leveraging multiple videoconferencing tools on PCs has become second nature for virtually everyone that has worked remotely, but as more employees start to return to the office, the need to make the room-based tools equally simple to interoperate across platforms is quickly going to become critical. As a result, it’s great to see Cisco and Google come together to take this important first step in improving hybrid work collaboration. While there are more companies that need to be involved and more work that needs to be done, this looks to be a great first effort.

Disclosure: TECHnalysis Research is a tech industry market research and consulting firm and, like all companies in that field, works with many technology vendors as clients, some of whom may be listed in this article.

Making Money with ChatGPT [2023]: What You Need To Know

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The World Isn’t Ready for the Next Decade of AI

Gideon Lichfield: If I were a cynic, which of course I'm not at all …

Mustafa Suleyman: [Chuckle] Not at all.

Lauren Goode: Not Gideon.

Gideon Lichfield: I might say that you and the AI companies are setting up a pretty sweet deal for yourselves, because you're getting to say to government, “Look, you, government, can't possibly understand this stuff well enough to regulate it, so we're going to voluntarily set some guardrails, we're gonna drive the agenda, we're gonna decide how precautionary the precautionary principle needs to be.” And so I think the question I'm asking is, what is the incentive of the private sector which leads the conversation because it has the know-how to set standards that are actually good for society?

Mustafa Suleyman: If we could get formal regulation passed, I think that would be a good start. But you're right, good regulation, I think, is a function of very diverse groups of people speaking up and expressing their concerns and participating in the political process. And at the moment we are sort of overwhelmed by apathy and anger and polarization. And yet now is the critical moment, I think, where there's plenty of time, we have many years to try to get this right. I think we have a good decade where we can have the popular conversation, and that's partly what I'm trying to do with the book and partly what others are trying to do with the voluntary commitments too.

Gideon Lichfield: What are some of the scenarios that you predict that most people probably can't even imagine that might happen if we don't manage to keep these technologies under control?

Mustafa Suleyman: Well, I think in sort of 15 or 20 years' time, you could imagine very powerful non-state actors. So think drugs cartels, militias, organized criminals, just an organization with the intent and motivation to cause serious harm. And so if the barrier to entry to initiating and carrying out conflict, if that barrier to entry is going down rapidly, then the state has a challenging question, which is, How does it continue to protect the integrity of its own borders and the functioning of its own states? If smaller and smaller groups of people can wield state-like power, that is essentially the risk of the coming wave.

Lauren Goode: I'm so intrigued by what you're doing with Inflection, because when I think about your background, you've worked in politics, you've worked in social good, you, of course, ended up cofounding DeepMind and then worked at Google. But you also, you wrote a book and you seem to have these diplomatic intentions, you believe in collaboration. Why are you a startup founder?

Mustafa Suleyman: I'm happiest when I'm making things. Really what I love doing is deeply understanding how something works, and I like doing that at the micro level. I love going from micro to macro, but I can't stay just at macro. I am obsessed with doing on a daily basis, and I guess that's the entrepreneurial part of me. I love “What are we gonna ship tomorrow? What are we gonna make? What are we gonna build?” If I had to choose between the two, that's what makes me happiest, and that's what I like to do most of the time.


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